Rockscapes – Mortar Colors


Lambert colors are pure, fine ground pigments, of either the synthetic or the natural variety. They contain no fillers or artificial adulterants. Because of their extremely small particle size, they have the highest possible tinting strength. They are lightfast, limeproof, and weather resistant. NOTE: Jet Black, Black Walnut Brown, and Dark Earth Brown contain carbon black. This material is a lightfast material but due to the extremely small particle size may leach out of the mortar. This could potentially lighten up the mortar. This process of leaching can be minimized by applying a clear penetrating water repellant.


After color selection has been made, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Erect a sample panel using the jobsite materials and keep panel free from excess moisture to deter efflorescence.
  2. Color consistency will depend on the amount of pigment used, color and characteristics of cementitious materials and aggregates, the amount of water, and the tooling technique. We recommend that you be as consistent in these areas as possible. Retempering the colored mortar after it sits on the board and stiffens is not recommended, as the water will possibly float the color pigment as the hand mixing is done on the board. This will cause variations in the color of mortar in the wall.
  3. Due to the possibility of burning the surface, we do not recommend cleaning with muratic acid. Please contact PROSOCO for the proper cleaning material and procedures. Follow manufacturer’s directions and always prewet masonry with water before applying cleaning solutions, scrape off excess mortar and reapply. Rinse very thoroughly with fresh water. Most specifications do not recommend cleaning until the mortar has cured at least fourteen days, as cleaning to quickly can destroy the cement paste face of the joint and expose the sand aggregate and therefore change the color of the joint.

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