Cleaners & Protective Treatments

Rockscapes carries several products to assist you in the cleaning and protecting of your new or old masonry project.


Sure Klean 600 – new construction masonry cleaner that removes excess mortar and construction dirt from brick, masonry, tile, and most concrete surfaces
Sure Klean Vana Trol – New Construction masonry cleaner for sensitive brick and stone. Removes excess mortar, grout smears, and construction dirt from light colored brick and natural stone without creating green vanadium or brown manganese staining.
Enviro Klean Revive – Biological soiling remover for masonry. Safely removes biological and atmospheric staining from vertical or horizontal masonry surfaces.
Sure Klean Limestone Restorer – Unpolished Limestone and Cast Stone Cleaner. Safely wipes out atmospheric dirt, mildew, and more. Ideal for lightly to moderately dirty surfaces.
Speedy Clean Concrete Dissolver – Use to clean concrete/mortar splash on siding, foundations, patios & decks, tools, mixers, concrete trucks, augers, pumps, saws, and more……

Protective Treatments

Sure Klean Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment – Long Lasting, clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent. Protects and guards against water invasion, damage, and staining on limestone, marble, and most masonry surfaces.
Paver Kare Paver Enhancer – Water repellent and color intensifier for concrete. Brightens and evens out color while simplifying cleaning on most concrete, fired clay, and natural stone surfaces.
Sure Klean Weather Seal H40 – Masonry strengthening water repellent. Deeply penetrating protective treatment weatherproofs and consolidates brick, mortar, stone, historic concrete, terra cotta, and more.
DuraSheen – High gloss protective treatment. Durable protective treatment for horizontal applications which adds beauty and protects against soiling, staining, and water intrusion.

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